Magic Erase Pen (For Surgical Skin Marker)
October 28, 2022
20Pcs Moisturizing Lip Mask Reduces Lip Lines and Restores Moisture
October 30, 2022
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5D Soft Silicone lips Practice Skin


đŸ’™This lip module is very suitable for lips tattoo artists to practice techniques and proofing. The mouth of the real proportion and shape can better show the excellent skills of the tattoo artist. This kind of proofing works is displayed in the store, and customers can directly see the technical products. The difference in items and colors is like looking at a real person.
đŸ’™Real-life pouring process, truly restore the details of the mouth and surrounding shapes
The material is safe and environmentally friendly human body silicone, soft, and the touch is close to that of a real person. It will be colored when you touch it during lips tattoo practice, easy to wipe, not black, and restore the true color of the color cream. The needle feels like real skin when you insert the needle.

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