10pcs 0.25mm White Blade Disposable Microblade Needles
October 4, 2022
50Pcs/lot Colorful Silica Gel Soft Head Brush
October 5, 2022
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Electroplate Disposable Microblading Manual Pen


💙PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BLADES – Each of our premium-quality microblading disposable pens feature safe and professionally designed blades that are the perfect sharpness for eyebrow microblading.

💙COMPLETELY STERLIZED & DISPOSABLE – To ensure the complete safety of those you work on with our manual tattoo microblading pens, we’ve completely sterilized each one with EO gas, packaged them in airtight packing, and made them entirely disposable.

💙SAFE NON-SLIP DESIGN – To help keep you and those that you’re working on with our microblading supplies safe, we’ve designed each of our eyebrow tattoo microblading pens with an ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to hold non-slip grip.

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