10Pcs Lip and Eyebrow Tattoo 3 Needles All-in-one Machine-Special Needles
April 22, 2018
20Pcs Half Throw Large Eyebrows Tattoo Needles Cap Accessory
April 23, 2018
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20Pcs Half Throw Eyebrows Tattoo Needles


💙Stainless steel material has enough flexibility, excellent stability and less vibration, which is durable and safe to use
💙Fast to color, easy to use, durable, safe, lasting and fast effect, short healing time, high absorption of active ingredients, no permanent damage or injury
💙Used with eyebrow tattoo machine, which is ideal for eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, tattoo, skin care and other uses without damaging epidermis or pain
💙Sharp and flexible pin point can create natural and beautiful eyebrows, and standard size fits almost all tattoo machines
💙Sterilized with E.O. gas in advance and disposable for single use only, which is suitable for most skin types

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