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5.51inch Color Wheel Chromatic Circle of Color Mixing Guide Round Pocket Guide Nail Chromatography Card


💙Clear Instructions: In the twelve color wheel, any hue has a clear position without causing overlap. A double-sided wheel with instructions to indicate complementary, separate complementary and three-in-one color schemes, to show you how to color
💙Easy to Use: The color wheel only needs to rotate the dial to present a mixture of different colors. Very suitable for beginners to easily identify any of the twelve colors and simply identify the middle part of the color
💙Multi-layer Design: The color wheel is designed with three layers, the center circle rotates, and it is made of coated glossy paper. The color wheel rotates smoothly without being jammed to find the best color combination
💙Wide Range of Applications: You can get the terms related to colors and demonstrate how to create and touch colors with each other, which are widely used in painting, substitution, tattoo design, makeup, eyebrows, lips, interior design, creative handicrafts and home decoration
💙Excellent Tool: The color wheel is a tool for finding harmonious color combinations. It can visually display the relationship between colors and demonstrate the results. Users can easily turn the color wheel to know the result of color mixing

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