10Pcs Disposable PMU Cartridge Needles(Fit for Charmant machine with 8mm diameter screw)
April 25, 2022
Equidistant Eyebrow Mapping Ruler
April 26, 2022
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Lip and Eyebrow Tattoo 3 Needles All-in-one Machine


💙Due to COVID-19 and the machine contains batteries, international packages have been affected. Delivery time can not be guaranteed,estimated shipping time is 10-15 days,and some remote areas may not be delivered . Sorry for this! In addition, we will deliver the machines separately to ensure the timeliness of delivery.

💙It is specially designed for lip tattooing and eyebrow pricking. The skin damage is particularly small, the strength is stronger, and the coloring is faster. Three needles are alternately drawn out, adjustable at will, no flying needles, low noise, no ink jetting, high performance, free adjustment, precise needle out, scale 0-2.5mm. Suggestion: 1.0mm from the eyebrows and 0.5mm from the lips.(Machine does not contain needles)

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