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August 10, 2022
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August 12, 2022
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Professional Eyebrow Lamination Kit ( 9Pcs Set)


💙Brow Perm Kit:This updated eyebrow lifting kit aims to straighten your eyebrows,achieve the effect of erect and thick eyebrows,create a 3D feel.No need to use eyebrow glue, eyelash curler or fixing tools to achieve 6-8 weeks of fit,maintain a beautiful eyebrow shape and make you radiant!
💙Save Money & Time:Beauty salon usually charge from 80$ to 200$ for a single session,but eyebrow perm kit provides you the same glamour with an affordable alternative.You can lift your brows up to 10 times with one single kit and eliminate the trouble of drawing brows everyday,both save time and money!
💙All Eyebrow Types:DIY perm for brows allows you to straighten and change the direction or shape of your own eyebrows as you like. It’s suitable for all eyebrow shapes and allows you to DIY at home to get your ideal eyebrow designs.Just need one eyebrow brow perm,meet your perfect eyebrow!
💙All-around Kit—— Professional eyebrows lift kit includes 1*Cleanser,1*Perm,1*Fixation,1*Nutrition,5*Black Brushes,5 Cotton Swab,3 Y Shaped Sticks,2 Eyebrow Combs and 1 roll Plastic Film. Prepares all the tools you need for you, you just need to enjoy the excellent effect it brings you!

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