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January 5, 2023
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PMU MJ-01 Touch Permanent Makeup Digital Machine(Suitable for 9.4mm Inner Diameter Cartridge)


💙Due to COVID-19 and the machine contains batteries, international packages have been affected. Delivery time can not be guaranteed,estimated shipping time is 10-15 days,and some remote areas may not be delivered . Sorry for this! In addition, we will deliver the machines separately to ensure the timeliness of delivery.

💙Suitable for 9.4mm inner diameter cartridge

💙PMU MJ-01 Touch Permanent Makeup Digital Machine
Extra long standby for more than 5 hours
Speed control at 16th gear, super power
Magnet automatic pause setting

💙Product name: PMU Permanent Makeup Digital Machine
Product Model:MJ-01
Packing size:310*170*43mm
Rated power:5W
Power adapter:AC100~240V DC5V
Packing Contents:InstrumentbodyX1
Touch panel X1
USB power cable X1
Connecting cable X1
Packing box X1

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