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September 10, 2022
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September 25, 2022
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TRUNM 24 Colors 15ml(½oz) Eyebrow Eyeliner Lip Permanent Makeup Micro Pigment Tattoo Ink


💙Nano-small molecule raw materials, once colored, long-lasting and not smudged.
💙The color retention rate is >95%, the adhesion of small molecular raw materials is strong, and the red and blue will not change in the later stage.
💙 Fast coloring: high-density concentrated molecules, strong penetration of color particles.
💙Delicate and not smudged: the pigment is delicate, improves the degree of purification, and does not smudge or discolor.
💙Natural color retention: using natural plant organic pigments, the coloring effect is good, and the color is natural.

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