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August 12, 2022
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Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine with 2pcs Batteries Microshading Tattoo Machine with 10pcs 1001RL Needles

💙Due to COVID-19 and the machine contains batteries, international packages have been affected. Delivery time can not be guaranteed,estimated shipping time is 10-15 days,and some remote areas may not be delivered . Sorry for this! In addition, we will deliver the machines separately to ensure the timeliness of delivery.

💙High quality hollow cup motor, CNC aviation aluminum alloy body material, charging type-C interface, battery and pen body adopt magnetic suction design, starting voltage: 6.5V, charging time: 1.5h, needle output stroke: 2.1mm, needle output length: 0-3.2mm, gear speed: gear 1 speed 6250rpm, gear 2 speed 7150rpm, gear 3 speed 8125rpm, gear 4 speed 9000rpm, gear 5 speed 10000rpm, charging can also start up and work without affecting work and use
💙Packaging accessories: high-end packaging box, 10 1001 integrated pins, 1 USB to type-C data charging cable
Functional features:
💙 The product is equipped with dual LCD battery, the power display of gear is direct, and the operation is convenient. It can be suspended in time without changing the current gear, so as to avoid the need to readjust the gear after the suspension of ordinary products. The power supply time of a single battery exceeds 2.5h, and the back end is equipped with type-C without positive and negative sockets, which makes charging fast and convenient.
💙The product is equipped with a new type of embroidery anti reflux high-quality needle, which discards most of the return through iron spring on the market and borrows medical high toughness silicone spring, which greatly reduces the pollution of residual pigment and human tissue fluid on the needle to the inside of the product driver and ensures the cleanness of the environment of embroidery products.
💙The dual battery configuration avoids the dilemma of being unable to work due to external power failure and other conditions. The dual module configuration of power supply + handle drive is convenient for the maintenance and repair of users’ later products.
💙After the use of the product, the card needle section can be removed, and the removed card needle section can be disinfected and wiped at high temperature for maintenance.


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